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Beginning in 1995, Pro Group helped certify the first four self insured groups in Nevada. In 2008, the Nevada Agricultural SIG was licensed and Pro Group Management was chosen as the administrator.  Pro Group Management offers self insured group workers’ compensation coverage for forward thinking business owners in key Nevada industries.

The Nevada Retail Network Self Insured Group (NRNSIG), sponsored by the Retail Association of Nevada (RAN).

TRANSPORTATION:  The Nevada Transportation Network Self Insured Group (NTNSIG), sponsored by the Nevada Trucking Association and the Nevada Contractors Association(NCA).

:  The Builders Association of Western Nevada Self Insured Group (BAWNSIG), sponsored by the Nevada Builders Alliance.

 The Nevada Auto Network Self Insured Group (NANSIG), sponsored by the Nevada Franchise Auto Dealers Association (NFADA).

 The Nevada Agricultural Group Self Insured Group (AGSIG), sponsored by the Nevada Farm Bureau (NVFB) and the Nevada Cattlemen’s Association (NCA).

Combined, the owners and operators involved in the self insured group programs managed by Pro Group have become the largest group of self insured companies in Nevada.  Pro Group specializes in cost-effective workers' compensation coverage for these industries.  More and more employers are seeking "Alternative Risk Management" programs to escape the chaotic, uncertain, and less stable traditional insurance market while gaining control of their risks and claims.  You can rely on Pro Group to assist you in all aspects of your workers’ compensation coverage needs.

Pro Group’s SIG administration continues to have a positive impact within the state of Nevada’s self insured group community.  The SIG’s administered by Pro Group continue to show annual cost savings of between 15% and 30%, contributing to an annual membership growth of between 25% and 50% per SIG.

Joining a well established and strong performing Self Insured Group allows you to take control of your own risk plan reaping the benefits of working safer, managing claims more aggressively than traditional plans and realizing rewarding cost savings.

Successfully managing self insured groups for over two decades, Pro Group has displayed the experience and skills necessary to operate a successful workers’ compensation program.  Pro Group has become the premier resource for firms of all sizes and risks seeking to take control of their workers’ compensation coverage needs. As the SIG administrator we provide the groups with comprehensive oversight management resulting in:

  • Increased workplace safety
  • Effective claims management
  • Lower claims cost
  • Reduced rates
  • Full compliance with Insurance Department

As Nevada employers take a closer look at their overall workers’ comp program costs, self insured groups continue to stand out as the most cost effective option available. Give Pro Group a call and let us help you understand the benefits of joining a self insured group for your business’s workers’ compensation coverage.

Request a Free Cost Savings Analysis now and learn how to qualify for this exceptional workers’ compensation program. There is no obligation.

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