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Safety is often an overlooked aspect of a business and is not given the attention it deserves. We understand that as a business owner or manager your time is at a premium and that the health and safety of your employees is one of your top priorities. Pro Group's Safety Division proves itself a vital benefit of joining one of the Self Insured Groups managed by Pro Group.

Pro Group's Safety Division has a highly trained staff of experts who stand ready to assist you in every facet of your safety programs, training, newsletters and much more.  As a member of a Self Insured Group, managed by Pro Group, you automatically qualify for all of our safety services as part of your membership at no additional cost to you. 

Our services include safety training and materials in over 100 categories for all types of business operations. There is no workplace too large or too small for our experts. We will partner with you and serve as your safety team supporting you in any of your operations’ challenges and issues.

Why Safety?
  1. Help you retain your profits
  2. Protect your Employees
  3. Reduce interruption in production and services
  4. Comply with Federal and State Regulations
  5. Provides Management, Supervisor, and Employee Training
Pro Group's Safety Division knows the benefit of safety training and encourages your participation. Whether you choose to attend regularly scheduled Safety Seminars, need Site Specific Training sessions or require Safety related programs to enhance your in-house training or meetings, Pro Group's Safety Division is there to help you. With the safety training benefit, the cost of educating your employees on safe workplace practices and procedures is invaluable to your business.

Pro Group's Safety Division Staff is also available for regulatory agency compliance assistance and site visit representation. With a comprehensive understanding of DOT, OSHA and MSHA regulatory mandates, Pro Group's Safety Division assistance can be invaluable. We offer focused safety assistance visits for hazard recognition to help you provide a safe work site or workplace in compliance with enforcement standards.

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